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Keep camera running in cold weather with no shut down and add heating pad

Answer to cold weather camera shut down Add small heating pad I am in Canada and the cold weather can shut down your camera during the night and half the day. I was frustrated so I experimented with building a bird house, wrap the camera in socks, put hand warmers around the camera. Still message camera off due to cold weather. I searched for heating fans but not small enough. Then I discovered this company SPARKFUN ELECTRONICS in Niwot, CO they have small heating pads 5x15cm and 5x10cm. Here is a video to show you the heat range You do need power to make these heating pads to work. I was able to now plug in Arlo2 and the heating pad so no need to change the batter it is always charged. I also plugged the heating pad adapter into a timer so it would go on and off every hour (you could adjust depending how cold the night might get) What I purchased was 5x10cm pad, DC Barrel Jack Adapter Female, and wall adapter 5V DC 2A (Barrel Jack). Put it together and wrapped it around my camera you could put 2 heating pads if you wanted top and bottom of Arlo 2. Then I put on the Arlo Pro Skin over top to keep it in place. Plugged everything in and monitored the camera in the morning I did not have a message camera off due to cold weather. During the summer I plan to see if I can modify the whole process by building little bird houses and having heating pad inside to warn the whole inside. If anyone has additional ideas or can improve on this Please get back to me. Maybe Arlo could line the plastic with these heating pads and that would solve the problem.

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