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False motion alerts

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djkabull Follower

Camera is placed in front of house (south facing) viewing front drive which is grey crushed stone.  During sunny days i recieve repeated false motion detection signals as frequent as one (1) every minute.  Issue does not repeat on cloudy days or early morning sun.  I surmise the camera is picking up heat waves from the drive after sun is up and heats the stone.  I have adjusted sensitivity but still get false motion detection.  Another camera viewing over the pool and deck on the north facing side of the house positioned on almost same angle and height does not have any issues. 


If this is caused by direct sunlight...are there any options to resolve?


Any suggested solutions?

Guru jguerdat Guru

It's likely reflected IR from the sun. Many of us use lower sensitivity during the day to minimize the effect. How low have you adjusted sensitivity and where are you adjusting it (has to be in your modes and rules)?