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Batteries died within 5 days

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LynnLamke Follower

I recently installed four Arlo Pro 2 cameras, three of them outdoors.  The batteries are supposed to last up to six months.  They died in only 5 days.  This is not acceptable.  What is your solution?

Lynn Lamke

Guru jguerdat Guru

The usual issues are 1) the spec battery life is based on <5 minutes per day of both live view and recording and 2) signal strength and quality between the base and cameras.


What kind of usage have you been putting the cameras through? New owners tend to play with them and set them up in ways that run the batteries down quickly. You don't need the street or sky in the camera view so concentrate on your sidewalks, driveway and doors. Minimize what's recorded - only get the good stuff.


For the signal, if all cameras are running down about the same and you're not trying to live view constantly, there may be a wireless device that uses the same 2.4GHz band as Arlo near the base that's causing interference with the signal. It's also possible that distance and house construction can be issues (stucco has a real effect due to the wire mesh used to hold it in place).


Tell us all about your usage and setup so we understand.