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Re: Can anyone show picture quality comparison between Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 please?

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Blacky17557 Apprentice

Hi.  I am disappointed that I have just completed setting up all my Arlo Pro Cameras at home and then they release the Arlo Pro 2.

Wanted to see if anyone out there can show a comparison between the picture quality of the Arlo Pro versus the Arlo Pro 2.

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Arlo Employee Retired

As soon as we get some in the office here we will post some comparison shots. In the meantime, we would love to see what the community posts! We'll get your images moderated and approved quickly.

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Toy4RickS Apprentice

Day time is somewhat better, however night quality is waaaaaaaay worse, to the point of not being usable


Lots of folks having disconnect issue, rapid battery drain...


Many have returned the AP2 and are waiting for Arlo to give us something and unfortunately, Arlo has been very quite on the issue


Good luck


Johnny290 Prodigy
Night vision on pro 2 is not good. Pro 1 has much better night vision. Sound on pro 2 is much lower. I hope netgear can fix pro 2. I do not recommend pro 2 at this time