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Arlo pro 2 battery drain

Hi Community


I recently bought the Arlo Pro2 Camera (Basestation+2 Cameras). What really fraks me out is that  I have to charge the Batteries almost every day! I´ve tried everything from changing the WiFi channel to resync, restart and set the whole thing new up, but won´t work. Does anyone face the same Issue? Spent almost $550 and having Problems only. It is also not a Question of my Internet Connection. I´ve got 100Mbit with 40Mbits upload. What I assume is that Arlo (Netgear?) is shrinking the Image Quality so they can save space, since you can save the Videos for 7 days  for free.


My second Problem is that the Image quality is very poor. Its not even close to 720p. I´ve downloaded a Video from the Cloud and went to the Properties of the Video and it shows 1920 x 1070 instead of 1080p. Thats not normal too.


All together I am very dissapointed. So much money for nothing. I might return it and look for another Solution, if this this can´t be solved pretty soon.

Model: Arlo Wire Free
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Re: Arlo pro 2 battery drain

Hi @armo_


When did this issue first occur. It sounds like you may be having some interference with the cameras. Did you change any record time settings, sensitivity?

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Re: Arlo pro 2 battery drain

It was from the very first day like that. Ive changed everything I can. I called the support Hotline. The conversation took almost 45 minutes and all he did was repeating everything I told him twice and sent me at the End a Battery Replacement although he wanted to send one Camera and a Basestation. Why in the world would I need a new Battery when I am complaining about the Image Quality? And the fast Battery draining doesnt have to do with the Battery because not only one but both Batteries drain ver fast; I have to charge them every day! If both Batteries drain so fast then there is something from with the firmware, in my eyes.

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Re: Arlo pro 2 battery drain

How far away are your cameras from the base station?

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