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Arlo Pro 2 One Camera Stopped Working

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JohnHol Aspirant



My camera stopped working. When logging in on my desktop it says "your camera is offline and cannot be streamed arlo".

Called CS and they said because my Mac has too many "open threads" I have issues with security and they disable my camera.


I need to pay $132 and they will clean my computer and get it solved.


What botheres me is that it doesn't work from my iPhone as well...?!

What does my computer has to do with it?


Anyone had the same situation?

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
Guru TomMac Guru

There is no service charge for customers .... assistance is free for 90 days


Don't know who you contacted, but it prob wasn't Arlo service

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melnok Tutor

If someone claims that your computer has "too many threads", and because of that has a problem with security, you have 100% been dealing with a scam.


Threads are a natural programming construct commonly used in programming, across all modern software. There is no such thing in existence than "too many threads", and certainly not as a security issue (if a computer has many threads, it may slow down due to it, that is the same as if you have too many programs open) You may have contacted a fake number, or a fake website, or, if they somehow have disabled your camera, they have access to your network either physically or programmatically, or access to your computer. (I do not want to sound overly scary, but just want to raise a level of awareness that may be good to investigate different angles).


No such thing as too many threads. That would be a at-your-face lie if those were the exact words.

JohnHol Aspirant

Damn, you're right!


I Googled "arlo support number" and called the 3rd result:


Next level SCAM!! I thought wow, Arlo is charging to fix an issue that is local on my computer.... that's odd.


Thank you guys!!