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Arlo Camera Locking Solution

We love our Arlo Pro 2 cameras, but were worried about easy theft outside.  So we came up with a solution that I would like to share:

We found small cases (little houses) that help protect the cameras on Amazon.  These include better outdoor mounts as well:

You cannot use the skins on the cameras in these covers, but it appears that the camera is well protected.


I cut small inserts into the 'roof' part of the case house using a dremel tool and a disc bit.  These inserts are just large enough to allow plumbers strapping tape to run through them.

I ran enough strapping tape around the case and through the slits, so that there was enough on the bottom of the case to add a lock, using the holes already in the tape.  I bent over the plumbers strapping tape and used a small strip of duct tape to cover the sharp points.  Please be careful when handling the strapping tape as it is SHARP.


We also purchased some 1 foot wire cables with loop ends:

It was easy to wrap the cable around nearby structures and then attach with a lock to the strapping tape at the bottom of the casing.  However in a couple of areas, we added an eye screw to each of the mounts, replacing one of the regular screws. We ran the cable through the eye screw and then attached it to the strapping tape with a lock.


It's not theft proof, but certainly theft resistant.

Lastly, we were able to run power cables to almost all cameras using 20 foot usb cables that are designed for these cameras:

In most cases, we were able to run the cable securly in the attic, but for a few, we ran to an outside outlet and then covered the outlet with a locking weatherproof cover.



Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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