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iOS app update no sound

Updated to the newest iOS app with the refreshed interface and both my wife and I are unable to hear audio on our baby monitor now. Please fix ASAP.
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Re: iOS app update no sound

This issue has been resolved in the most recent version of the Arlo Mobile app. Please make sure you have the latest version available from the app store. For more information, take a look at the release notes here: Arlo iOS App - 2.6.1 -25th October 2018



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Re: iOS app update no sound

Having the same issue here. No sound when watching live
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Re: iOS app update no sound

Wife and I have the same issue, restarted everything after app updates and not sound when watching or live-streaming. Hope they fix this soon, it’s the reason we chose Arlo baby Smiley Sad.
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Re: iOS app update no sound

Same issue. Just updated the app and no sound.
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Re: iOS app update no sound

Same issue. If it’s not one thing it’s another. They fix one thing and they break something else that’s huge. 

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Re: New 2.6.0 app Device view preview size

Except the app is broken. No sound anymore on my Arlo Baby. This makes a baby monitor useless. 

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Arlo baby monitor

IPhone just did an update and I have no sound. when watching live view. I have been thought all the settings, rebooted the phone, checked the phone volume and restarted the device and still nothing. Recorded video has sound and when I checked it out on a pc, it has sound.. any suggestions?
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Re: Arlo baby monitor

Same problem. After update, no sound. Makes the entire thing useless. Please fix ASAP
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Re: iOS app update no sound

Replied to this on another thread. Same issue. No sound. Can't have bugs like this in a baby monitor. Makes the entire product useless. Need to fix this in hours not days.
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Re: iOS app update no sound

+1, this is perhaps the most important feature to have working.
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Arlo Baby bug i new firmware

Two problems with the new iOS firmware.
1)The new iOS firmware did shot down the sound in live view with Arlo Baby.

2) “Alway listening” symbol is gone.

iOS 2.6.0 has this problem. Please correct the at ones.
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Re: iOS app update no sound



I don't understand how you managed to break such a crucial feature. Every single firmware update has broken something. What are your engineers doing all day? 


Release Details:

Arlo Baby FW

  • Fixed an issue that caused pixilation when streaming locally
  • Improved connectivity for Always Listening/Baby Monitoring - REALLY???? @JamesC
  • Homekit improvements


Sorry, bit off topic but I'm still about your decision to string everyone along with the promise of a dedicated display. 

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Arlo baby new app, what is head with wifi symbol?

Very risky to change the app appearance and layout when a product comes with a manual! What does the new head with wifi symbol on arlo baby all mean!?

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Re: iOS app update no sound

Fix today!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Arlo baby new app, what is head with wifi symbol?

Yes totally! New design sucks!
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Re: Arlo baby new app, what is head with wifi symbol?

Yes, its also not possible to refresh the screen that lets you select activity area anymore! We have to hope and guess! New app needs to be rolled back. It doesnt match the advertises product on the box, or even the pictures in the appstore! We need to all be sent a new manual at least!
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Re: Arlo baby monitor

Roll back the old app - this is a joke!!!!
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Re: iOS app update no sound

I am having the same problem.  Sound is the most critical part of a baby monitor... and for them to release this update with it not working at all is completely unacceptable.  Do they not have a Quality Assurance team?  This should be a basic feature they should regression test before every release.


Also, what is that new icon with the head and the lines in the lower right hand corner?  It seems to be related to the audio in the background (which is hard to test when the audio doesn't work correctly).  It seems to want to stream the audio when the face image has an "x" and not when it has the "speach lines".  Isn't this the opposite of what it should be?


Sweet mother of god this is a botched update.

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Re: iOS app update no sound

Same here and it’s not the only issue. The app crashes when sound is downloaded and what’s in the music library doesn’t play. Screen freezes when selecting volume controls.
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Re: iOS app update no sound

Same here. My baby monitor is now worthless. Netgear is getting terrible. I have a range of Netgear products, sadly. They’re all going downhill. They can’t make router firmware properly. Now they can’t make app software properly..

You’ve just broken the reason for having a baby monitor in the first place. Why add support for new products when you obviously can’t get it right with the ones you have? Completely aggravating!!!
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Arlo baby audio

Just updated Arlo App to latest version on 10/20/18. Can no longer hear sound from baby monitor over app. Still get audio alerts but I can’t hear the sound over speakers on phone.
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Re: Arlo baby audio

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Re: iOS app update no sound

How does Netgear keep screwing this up? I could not recommend ArloBaby to anyone; it is not reliable and not worth putting your child in jeopardy.
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ARLO baby audio stopped working with new software

After new software update, Arlo baby audio stopped working On all devices. Did a hard reset and it worked again for a couple minutes and then stopped again. Seems like a software issue, as device still reports notifications of baby crying alerts and audio detected.
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Re: ARLO baby audio stopped working with new software

There is already a topic started on this. 

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