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Arlo Baby - QR Code won't read

I have tried on multiple occasions over the last four (4) hours to connect the Arlo Baby to my app on my iPhone X and via both Chrome and Safari. None of these options are working. Arlo Baby refuses to read the QR code and no chime ever sounds. The device was connected last night however it disconnected last night and has since refused to reconnect in any capacity.

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Re: Arlo Baby - QR Code won't read



Consider factory resetting your Arlo Baby camera and try the claiming process again. Follow the instructions here to factory reset: How do I reset Arlo Baby to factory default settings?



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Re: Arlo Baby - QR Code won't read

This exact same thing has occured with my Arlo Baby Model:ABC1000 unit. It was working the night before and connected to the wireless network (802.11ac) 5GHz In the morning the app (Arlo version 2.5.3_22376) would not connect (App running on a Samsung S5 (Model: SM-G900I) running Android version 5.0)


Have performed factory reset several times. Uninstalled the app from the phone and tried again and again to establish the connection. The step that connection fails on is the camera not reading the QR code and sounding the chime.


Can someone from Netgear / Arlo please get in contact with me as I wish to raise a support ticket?

Your product support process appears to be lacking as I am unable to find where to go to get adequate product support.

Serial number of my product is: 50C176S5453B9







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Re: Arlo Baby - QR Code won't read



I have attached the Customer Support link for you here - Arlo Tech Support

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Re: Arlo Baby - QR Code won't read

I had the same issue that Arlo Baby camera doesn't read QR Code.
Tryed all suggested restarts and setups, spent more than 3 hours.... no result.
Solution was SUPER simple.
QR Code is too small on phone (Samsung 6) that camera can read.
Because I have Orbi RBK53 router , it provides option to generate QR Code in router itself.

This QR Code much bigger on phone.
Camera read it immediately and connected to Wi-Fi without any issue.

And I have "_" in SSID, camera firmare 1.8.6
I don't know what can be solution for people who has router without option to generate QR Code.
Arlo Baby developers : PLEASE make QR Code picture BIGGER. Why not to use maximum zise that phone allowes?
You will prevent many negative comments and product returns.
Second recomendation (requred hardware enhancment) : when camera is trying to read QR Code, camera should show border where I need to put QR Code, otherwise you move your phone left-right-up-down no stop.


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Re: Arlo Baby - QR Code won't read

I've had the exact same issue re-adding a 2nd Arlo Baby to my setup (was originally installed with no isses, removed at a later date).


No matter what combination of voodoo, cussing or just plain hoping, nothing would happen when trying to read the QR code during setup.

But you may be in luck as I see you're using an iPhone, and hopefully have the latest firmware update.


Go into the Home app and setup it up directly in HomeKit. I used the "enter code manually" option (code is underneath the camera, remove the fancy feet) and then went back to the Arlo app and went through the adding camera routine.


Magically it appeared, linked it self to my account, and happy bunny!


NB. This "fix" won't apply to our Android buddy above, sorry Smiley Sad

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