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Audio Doorbell & Chime Constantly Detaching

Hi guys,

not sure if anyone else had this problem.   This is been bothering me for a while.

I had the Doorbell and the Chime on the Arlo pro system for about 8 months now.

everything was fine for the 1st 6 months.  but all of a suddent this happened. 

I would loose my Doorbell setting every day!!!   then my Chime will not ring, and sometimes my phone won't ring either.

if I setting it up today again, it will loose it again within 24 hours. happens at random times.

I am not sure why, or what's wrong . I have been correting it almost everyday... but that's definately not a long term solution.  


Please help.





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Re: Audio Doorbell & Chime Constantly Detaching

I an having this exact same issue. The camera that is paired with the doorbell also loses connection with the doorbell when this happens. Happens at the same time my vmb4000 freezes as other threads are talking about

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Re: Audio Doorbell & Chime Constantly Detaching

Same issue here too. At least the third time this week this has happened. 🙄

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Re: Audio Doorbell & Chime Constantly Detaching

ya.. not sure what to do.

I have try mutilple things, but nothing helps. 

I have got a new doorbell. I have moved the doorbell closer. but still the same. 

usually loose the setting within 24 hours. 

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Re: Audio Doorbell & Chime Constantly Detaching

same problem for me. hoped the new base firmware would fix it BUT it has not. chime will stop working and it does not show its connected to a base station

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Re: Audio Doorbell & Chime Constantly Detaching

Same problem here. Every day or two I need to remove the arlo doorbell and reset it to get it to pair with a camera and chime again.

I have emailed customer support many times in the past week, they ignore my emails...

That’s awful service.

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Re: Audio Doorbell & Chime Constantly Detaching

Hi Everyone, I'm hoping I'm not the only one experiencing this issue and that someone might have found a solution. Every single day I have to delete both my Arlo Doorbell & Arlo Chime and re-register them as they continue to lose their association with each other. For example, the Doorbell constantly loses it's attachment to the Chime and the front doorway Arlo Pro camera, and likewise, the Chime loses it's association with the Arlo Doorbell. They remain in the list of devices, but when you click on the device settings, they've lost all their "Paired Devices" and stop working. The doorbell doesn't ring the chime when pressed, and also the camera doesn't activate, so you can never see the person at the door when they ring the doorbell. This happens every single day after I go through the process of deleting both the devices and re-syncing them. It works for a day, then just loses all it's associations, and I'm starting to get really annoyed. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Thank you.

A glitch in the Matrix.
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Re: Audio Doorbell & Chime Constantly Detaching

Hi @souldamnation


When did this issue first occur? What firmware version is your Base Station, Doorbell running?

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Re: Audio Doorbell & Chime Constantly Detaching

I have been suffering the same issue for a few months.  Both the Arlo Chime and Arlo camera will detach and no way to reconnect them unless you delete and reset the door bell.  Running Doorbell 1.2 firmware on Hub VMB4000r3 firmware 

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Re: Audio Doorbell & Chime Constantly Detaching

Have you tried contacting customer support regarding this issue? I have attached the link here for you - Arlo Tech Support

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Re: Audio Doorbell & Chime Constantly Detaching

Base station Firmware faulty AGAIN
If like me your door bell and chime keep loseing their settings I have now been told the problem as per email from ARO SUPPORT

Thank you for confirming that your Arlo Base Station, Doorbell and Chime are now holding onto their configurations.
We have received reports, which had similar symptoms as what you cited through this email exchange. After the investigation, we discovered a flaw on the recent base stations' firmware update. Though the last base firmware update came with security patches, it was later discovered that it broke the support for our local USB backup storage feature.
For now, most of the Arlo Pro/Pro2 base stations that will use the USB backup feature will most probably experience the same issues as what you noticed on your Arlo system.
We recommend that you temporarily detach the USB flashdrive out of your base station's USB port, while our engineers are still on the progress of creating the fix to this issue.
You may not be able to use the local backup feature as of now, since it may trigger a system wide connectivity and configuration (auto-revert) problems.

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