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Re: Announcing the Arlo Audio Doorbell and Arlo Chime

GadgetGuy Luminary
Yesterday, after a lot of research, I decided to remove the RING from my wall.
I was an early adopter, and I tested many of their new products.
But I really wanted something that did not require weekly charging.
I already invested on Arlo, só spending 120 dollars for a doorbell and a chime, sounded good. Amazon is taking 1 to 2 months to ship. But Best Buy in NY had the in stock. I ordered online and picked them up an hour later.
It took me 10 minutes to install it. And I love the way it works. and the way it looks.
Ringing the phone, ability to leave messages, and canned answers are great futures. , Regular batteries were just icing on the cake.
Thank you guys. You did it again!!!
its_Tricky83 Tutor

When will these go on sale to the general public in Australia? And what will be the RRP?

Terminal3 Apprentice

I installed mine this weekend.  Right now all I have is audio it does not bring up Video when the doorbell is rang.  I just get a grey screen with a loading icon in the center, I can talk with the person who rang the bell.  The response is pretty quick.  Some others are reporting this issue with no video so hopefully it's something they can fix soon.


I just purchased a new home and I moved my Arlo cameras from the other house, At the other place I had a Ring, and I left it with the house because I found it to be completely useless.  The video was fine, but the Audio was horrible, and the response time to get the video open and to be able to speak to whoever had rang the bell was way too long.  By the time you could get the app open most everyone would be gone.  Also thier app is horrible and no free option or local storage..


I figured I already had the Arlo cameras and the audio doorbell was cheaper than another video doorbell so I thought I would give it a shot.It's a not real intuitive to setup but I hope they can fine tune that over the coming months..


DocB1973 Aspirant
Would you be able to site the market study to support your claim that the majority of Arlo's customer base does not want this product?
Stottle Aspirant
I've been happy with mine thus far. It has been responsive and not overly sensitive. The time from button press until notification is 2-3 seconds. I'm quite happy with it. I don't believe that the majority will dislike this product. Overall, the Arlo system is as I hoped it would be. I am enjoying using it, and look forward to innovations in the future. The battery life is as stated, and that was my main reason for buying. Camera resolution is very good, and that was my second reason. Ease and stability of the system are #3 on my list....
bubdog Apprentice

I'm also very happy with the new doorbell. Great job Arlo! I'm not so happy with the cameras however. They have been nothing but a buggy mess since the day I bought them. A few issues have been fixed over the last few months but progress is agonizingly slow. The cameras are nowhere near as advertised, a lot of the features just don't work. Local storage is broken, randomly stopping recording without notifying that anything is wrong. Smart notifications take 20+ seconds to be delivered so whoever was there is always gone by the time you are notified and open the app. Two way audio doesn't work at all. Video settings area of the new app is broken. Video contains glitches and is missing audio a lot of the time. Frame rate in live view is ~3-5 FPS, really choppy. Live view is delayed by at least 15 seconds. There's more but you get the point -- the state of the software/firmware for the cameras is abysmal.

jghatley Initiate

Until you come out with a doorbell that has a camera, I'll be sticking to my Ring doorbell. 

Mgens Guide
Great HUGE FAIL Netgear ( Arlo ) everybody was waiting for this to come out and there is NO camera in the doorbell !!! NO CAMERA in the DOORBELL !! What were you thinking !!! So DISAPPOINTED here to see this .....#FAIL .....I'm sure you're going to be stuck with very many not sold ...
Mgens Guide
My words EXACTLY !!! I couldn't AGREE with you more !!! #FAIL stupid what they did...this was very anticipated too....what were they thinking...
Guru jguerdat Guru

You do realize this works with the existing cameras, right? You already have one covering the door, right? If not, FAIL!!

ricktheengle Aspirant

Its great the doorbell has arrived!   I see in teh specs that it can use an existing chime.  We have a chime with many different tunes which we love.  Before I buy I want to see the install guide to make sure it will connect OK and I can learn more about its wiring and dimensions.  Is the install guide posted yet?




jghatley Initiate
jguerdat - I do have a camera at my front door, it’s called my Ring doorbell so I can get a view level to the face of anyone at my door and not the top of their head.
My Arlo cameras are pointed to the driveway and backyard. I stand by my comment - until Arlo can get with the times and put a camera on their doorbell, I’ll be sticking with my Ring doorbell.
Mavrrick Apprentice

I think the ponit is that with the Arlo system you can put the camera anywhere you like. I have not seen many doorbells mounted at face hight and not everyone is the same height. When I swapped out the doorbell if i had used a Ring doorbell i would be looking at peoples belt. I don't really care for that. I am planning on mounting the Camera about 2 feet higher so i can see right at someones face.


Is it nice to have both in one unit, sure it is. But it is far from optimal when you consider a few things.

Cell Tutor
The cameras are almost useless. They are good at watching the propert but terrible at capturing anything and the audio is beyond horrid. The doorbell would only work if the camera actually caught something, but many times I have had packages delivered and it never caught the delivery.
Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
yankain Initiate

Ok Arlo,


I've been patient, but this is the last drop. Not sure who is in charge of products planning in Arlo, but this somebody has to go. This product is another slap into the face of your fans.


First, a baby camera that none needed, then pointless light and now this, a door bell with a mike! OMG what is wrong with you, my dear Arlo? For several years, I've been waiting for an Arlo doorbell with CAMERA, because your cameras are awesome and no I don't want to by a door bell + camera + solar battery (about 400 bucks), just to monitor my front door, especially when there are many other options for 200-250 bucks. But wait. All of those options require payments for cloud storage, so here you go, amazing competitive advantage for your product, but no, greed and complete ignorance to your own audience makes you produce this - pointless doorbell, which some guys who have cameras staring at their fron doors will buy.


Ok, I get it, that some people would be ok with this product, but as someone wrote allready, this product could be a second option, but releasing a first doorbell and not having camera in it, I can't believe it. Didn't you learned form the light...


Sorry Arlo, but you've disappointed me enough... Yes, you have great cameras , 1 week of free cloud, but at this point it's all about ecosystem and your ecosystem represents absence of simple empathy to your own users, otherwise you would do the best for us. It's shocking to me that you Arlo don't want to understand this. While your cometitors catching up with you on most features, you are doing this.


Releasing this product was a huge mistake and reviews will soon teach you this probably last lesson. Such a shame!


One of your last fans who is no more! 😞

Dave32B Apprentice

Wow; a lot of emotion in this thread.


I think the success of this design is based on what you want a wireless doorbell to do.


For me; the doorbell is not useful.  But I like the chime!    I have the chime connected to a tighlty focused camera and it works great.  I get a push notification whenever someone approaches the door; the chime goes ding dong, and I have a video record.


Works great for me (the chime).  I dont see a use (for me) for the doorbell

Tony1966 Aspirant

My Arlo Pro system can connect a maxmum of five cameras. Does this doorbell take the 'slot' of a camera or can it be connected in addition to the five cameras? It is not much use if I have to remove a camera to free up a slot to connect a doorbell without a camera to it.


Also, the current video and audio has a lag time of several seconds that makes two way communications through the cameras pretty much useless and 'real time' viewing of the cameras is also a 'delayed view'.

How does this doorbell handle the lag time? Or will conversations be like:

Hello ...

hello ...

hello .....

yes, I am here ...

hello? oh there you are ..

how can I help you? ...

hello ....

yes I am with .......

yes, how can I help you, are you there?  .......

yes, I am here, I am with.....

how can I help you ......

..... walks away

Guru jguerdat Guru

The doorbell doesn't count. Check your subscription - you'll see only your cameras counted.

zokizo Aspirant


When is the new Arlo Audio Doorbell and Chime coming to Europe (Holland)?

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station, VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
DubYa89 Aspirant
If only the (newer) base station could be used as a chime...
Deanomite Apprentice

I was excited about this until i found out it had no internal camera.  Basically its just a button with audio, although it does sync with existing cameras.


I would either have to buy another Arlo Pro camera or relocate the one I have, which I don't want to do since it faces the house (captures the whole house). I do not wish to relocate it for the doorbell at this time. Maybe do a version with a camera next time.

sopranos Aspirant

Kupująć stację bazową z kamerą Arlo pro czy mogę później dokupić kamerę pro 2

drugie pytanie czy będzie dostępny domofon Arlo Audio ?

Jclapper Aspirant

Just tried a sample doorbell set up in a store display. The audio is so low on this POS that you will never be heard by anyone outside unless they are holding their ear right up to it. The lack of volume (it was as low as my Pro2 camera now returned) and lack of integrated video like EVERYONE else is a deal braker. Whover is the CEO or product manager at Arlo needs to be replaced. There have been some massive mistakes recently and many issues (like Live View stopping a recording in progress) have not been fixed since the product was released. 

Dave32B Apprentice

@Jclapper wrote:

Just tried a sample doorbell set up in a store display. The audio is so low on this POS that you will never be heard by anyone outside unless they are holding their ear right up to it. The lack of volume (it was as low as my Pro2 camera now returned) and lack of integrated video like EVERYONE else is a deal braker. Whover is the CEO or product manager at Arlo needs to be replaced. There have been some massive mistakes recently and many issues (like Live View stopping a recording in progress) have not been fixed since the product was released. 

That is so you buy 6 chimes - one in every room.  I agree; I got one for my mother's house and she never hears it and it is set to max loudness.


Someone needs replaced.  Quality control is non existant, mobile apps are buggy and each fix breaks someting else, the website is in 2008 style still running flash!

mhandya Tutor



I just purchased and installed the Arlo doorbell.  I did not purchase the chime because I wanted to test the doorbell with the Amazon echo system.  On sale for 59 bucks BB.



One Arlo doorbell

One front door camera Arlo Pro 2 connected

2 echo shows

3 echo dots

2 Samsung S9's

Netgear AC1900 router Nighthawk

AC1900 extender (hub connected here) over 5g Nighthawk



I was able to get the door bell to ring to all Amazon devices using the Alexa Skills app.

Got the the phones to ring by giving access to one phone.  That took some time to make work.  No instructions.  Had to log in and out the Arlo account for the shared device to make it ring.  Not sure if that was actually the fix.


The sound on the doorbell is very weak.  I would have paid 30 bucks more for a better speaker.  The light ring engages when motion is detected.  There is about a 2 second delay from when the phone and devices ring after the doorbell button is pressed.


Other than the sound I like this better than using the camera only to communicate at the front door.  The duplex voice feature works great, almost realtime.  


Still no two communication on the Amazon devices so you will need your phone to take communicate using this method.  If I figure out more, being my first  day playing with this, I will post more.  Please share your experience of setup..


Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera