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Re: Stringify does not work with Arlo

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BFW Initiate

In Stringify there is a trigger that can tell if the camera base station is armed or disarmed. This does not work. According to Stringify support this used to work but something was changed at the Arlo end and their server can no longer read the Armed/Disarmed flag. Could we fix this please? i love the camera and I love the things I can do with Stringify. Would be great if they worked fully together

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JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



Is it just this specific trigger that isn't working? Are you seeing this same behavior from any other flow?


What is Stringify and how do I use it with my Arlo cameras?



BFW Initiate

Motion detection works fine as a trigger. I just cant get the "ONLY IF base station is disarmed" to work. I think I have tried it as armed also. Here is what Stringify said - 

Hi Brian!


Thanks for the email.  It seems that Netgear has made a change resulting in us no longer receiving arm/disarm events for their cameras.  We may have to remove those triggers altogether until Netgear can get them re-implemented :(.



Jimaniak Initiate

I am experiencing the same problems between stringify and Arlo. Where the disarm and arm through the strings do not work. I really hope this gets fixed soon.

convrsallstar Initiate
What is the timeframe for resolution? I have flows that can arm the Arlo but it cannot disarm. Integration with Stringify was a major decision point when selecting a camera.