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IFTTT broken?

Is IFTTT broken right now? It does not seem to be arming or disarming when I test the tasks on IFTTT web site. NOTE: It was working for months and it's not working right NOW. Not sure when it stopped working.

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Re: IFTTT broken?

Seems like Netgear knows about this issue. Yet again ARLO is a steaming pile a !@%#$@#.


Time to sell these for whatever I can...



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Re: IFTTT broken?

Working reliably for me - using Life360 to trigger arming when last person leaves home and disarm when first person arrives home.  Not been having any difficulties since I set it up (and has been working all this week as expected)

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Re: IFTTT broken?

Similar issue here with my Arlo Q’s. Since the last ios app update on 1/17/19 v. 2.7.1 my applets that have been working reliably since setting up are now broken. (if contact triggered, record for x seconds)

Any video footage labeled IFTTT in the app only displays one frame and the audio.

Hope Arlo is aware of this and patches a fix on the next update as these applets are an essential part of my security video monitoring.
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Re: IFTTT broken?

Ifttt is not working for my wife’s iphone 6, she is granted admin rights to all devices. When setting up an ifttt button to arm, ifttt cannot see the base station. Ifttt worked for her with Arlo app 2.6.3, but 2.7.2 fails.
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