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Cameras not sensing motion after being switched ON in Smartthings app

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I have noticed a new problem recently.  My system is integrated into Smartthings, and i use the new app for iOS.  In the classic ST app, you could actually trigger the cameras to record, but the new app only gives you the ability to turn ON and OFF the cameras.  This does seem to work.  I have scenes that selectively turn ON and OFF cameras as I have it set up.  The problem is that when ST turns a camera off and on, the camera no longer detects movement.  I can view video from both the ST app and the Arlo app, but motion detection does not work until I switch OFF the camera in the Arlo app, and back ON again.  Now the motion detection works again.  The same does not hold true if I turn OFF and ON again with the ST app.  I believe this has only started with the new Arlo update, but I cannot be sure, as ST also had an update recently.  Has anyone else noticed this problem?  Does anyone have a solution?  Thanks.

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Hi mike_pace,


I would suggest to try contacting Samsung SmartThings support team if it works fine on the Arlo app but not on the SmartThings app.


If they are unable to assist you, feel free to the Support Team to further assist you. You will find several options for contacting support in the provided link.


Yep.  I thought of that.  But why do the Arlo cameras appear to be ON in the Arlo app AND the Smartthings app?  As far as I know, Smartthings has no control over Arlo motion detection being enabled or disabled.  ST can only turn cameras ON or OFF, which it appears to be doing.  The problem is when ST turn the cameras ON (and by all appearances, they are ON), they don't detect motion until turning them OFF and back ON from the Arlo app.  If they were already ON (turned on from ST), why the need for the second ON/OFF cycle?


I just know if I go talk to Smartthings, they will say this is an Arlo issue.


You may want to try postIng your issue in this smartthings thread:


I remember reading awhile back that someone had this same issue you describe where the cameras would not detect motion after using the smartthings on/off switch.  This forum is frequently visited by both smartthings and Arlo developers.