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Set up the wireless essentials doorbell, configured activity zones and set to only alert on person. Works great through the Arlo app on my phone. Not so much through Alexa skill. It alerts on every motion and doesn't honor the activity zones, either. I couldn't find a setting to change this in the Alexa app skill for Arlo. Anyone else run into this or know how to make it work closer to what I'm looking for? thanks!


+1 here. I was really looking forward to the Motion Announcements feature in the Arlo Alexa skill, but the fact that it ignores the activity zones entirely renders it useless! Especially for my doorbell -- there is no way to get it to stop announcing cars driving by, without finding a new stop for the doorbell itself...


Please please fix this! I see it has been an issue for a long time! Such a shame, since it renders the motion announcements on Alexa useless!


Update for everyone's benefit:


After poking around on reddit and chatting with support, do the following:

- Redefine your activity zone

- Disable the Arlo Alexa skill

- Re-enable the Arlo Alexa skill


I did this on a Pro 4 which I set up in this kitchen and it *seems* to work -- I only get Alexa motion announcements inside the activity zone now, which was the goal


Today out of nowhere my Alexa Skills started working for my activity zones. 

I have the from door camera set with Alexa to announce "Someone is at the front door" and when the Arlo doorbell is ranged it will announce "Somone rang the doorbell" and I have a dog setup to bark after the doorbell.  These triggers are working as of TODAY.  I set them up over a month ago with others over a year ago that never worked.  


Not sure if I should give Arlo or Amazon the credit since I have not checked to see who provided the fix/update.


The announcements are happening on all echo devices in the house. 


However, I may need to remove the announcement from the door camera since we have stray cats in the neighborhood who love hanging out at my front door late at night. 🙂