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Re: Motion Detection Testing (Part Deux) (materials impact reflection of IR)



Sorry to say, but it still performes the same.  I still have the system but I use it to compliment my wired FOSCAM system.

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Re: Motion Detection Testing (Part Deux) (materials impact reflection of IR)

Amazing story. I have had mine set up for 48 hrs and already know it's going back on Wednesday. This is too expensive a piece of technology, advertised as plug and play, for me to invest any more time messing around with. I'm testing the system with just one camera in play, focused on a single item - a construction sled. I need to know who is tossing in trash. I literally stood half way between the camera and the sled - camera is mounted on the fascia maybe 12 feet up and 15 fr from the sled. Not even an alert. The camera comes in and off, may get alerts for 6 hours then nothing for 12. At night if it detectable motion and records - some times the recording has a bright green streak across the bottom.

Love the concept. Not interested in messing with the technology.
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