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Motion Alert Notifications Timer

I don't think this is currently possible, but figured I would throw it out here just in case I missed something.


I currently have motion alert notifications turned on. Recording time set for 10sec.  Wife goes home at lunch to take the dogs out and obviously I receive a lot of notifications. I would like to be able to set a timer that states I only want to receive a second motion alert notification after x number of minutes, say 5 minutes for instance. 


I know I can set the recording time to 120sec and this would reduce the amount of notifications, but it would also use up the batteries quicker.


It would be great if this was under the modes as I could set up different modes for certain times of the day (like lunch time) and place them in the schedule.



Great product by the way. Have tried several including dropcam and this is the most flexible and complete package I have come across. I also really appreciate the support Arlo/Netgear is giving this system. Far superior to other companies I have dealt with. 




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Re: Motion Alert Notifications Timer

That is actually a great idea! 

I do know it is very easy to turn it off/on within second, so all I do is when for example I am washing the car, I turn it off, but his could potentially take care of that.

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