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giuga Tutor

Hi, please add this feature.
For me it is essential. Not for security problems but for confidentiality reason...



Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
evaredy Star

I will second that as well, it would be nice to have it hidden.

Wiggo Initiate
I agree as well you should be able to hide SSID from view.
Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
chip0 Star
Arlo please hide the SSID.

There is no reason to broadcast to everyone what type of security cameras I have.

The support page says "Arlo does not hide the Arlo base station SSID because it provides very little security. "

That means, hiding SSID would provide a little more security than not hiding. We all agree it would provide a little more security if it was hidden.

So why is Arlo decided against providing the MOST security possible? You are deliberately providing slightly less security.

Why can't the cameras sync to a hidden SSID? You are also telling us that you don't hide the SSID because it's easy for people to find/connect if the SSID is hidden. So why don't you do that? Please provide your customers with what they are asking for. More security.
The_Wraith Apprentice

Obscurity is NOT security.  An SSID is a "name" of a network, not the foundation of security for that network.  Authentication and encryption are security mechanisms in a wireless network.  The "name" of the network provides NO security.  In fact, hiding an SSID is a security risk.  The way a client machine behaves when searching for broadcast versus non-broadcast SSIDs is very different.

Non-broadcasting SSIDs are a security risk as the name is included in the beacon packets.  Those beacons can be captured in clear text over the air and can be exploited by someone who creates an access point with the same name, attempting you to connect to their bogus AP.  There are numerous other security risks with broadcasting your SSID but I'm not going to bother taking the time trying to explain them all.

Just know that hidding an SSID decreases your security.  Leave the wireless security implementations to the experts.  You're not it.

The Wraith
ey Initiate
For me it's not security problem, it's neightbor problem. My crazy neightbor keeps complaining me that my "multiple" WiFi signals is affecting his Wifi signal. I explained him many times that it's my Arlo that i have no control over its Wifi and to fix his router but he won't listen and threating me. So I have no choice but to remove my Arlo to avoid further problems from my neightbor Smiley Sad Please do something and hide SSID no matter what. Other devices can hide SSID
Jazamanaz Tutor

Please stop broadcasting the Arlo SSID. 

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