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Arlo slow to sign in

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deneseRODDEN Follower

Every single time I sign in to turn my cameras on or off it takes almost 30-45 seconds to do so. Sometimes it wont sign in at all. I have fast internet and I am sitting right next to the base or in my truck. It doesnt mater where. Why is this. If I had an emergency and I couldnt sign in fast enough why have a security camera???



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Guru jguerdat Guru
I find that the computer displays much faster, implying the speed of the device and network connection can be at least part of the issue. My mobile devices transfer data to and from my NAS at 3-5MBs while the laptop gets 80-100MBs on Ethernet and 50-60MBs on WiFi. I really don't know why the mobile devices are so slow - I assume it's a battery-saving thang.
jasonx101 Apprentice

One of the few things I find frustrating about this system is the lag.


Lag logging in and lag (delay) viewing live feed.


I know that it is partly due to encryption, surely there is some way to login and view a live feed via the local network rather than having to go to the arlo cloud and back?


The main thing I would like to have instantly is the ability to take a photo snapshot.



Johnny290 Prodigy

It would be nice if we can just stay logged in. Every time you start the app it has to login again pain in the butt.

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