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I have two Arlo cameras. I primarily want them to get a live view of my front door and driveway since there are no real windows to easily see. I can undertand a few second delay, but when I go to Live view, it can take 30 seconds or more. One of the cameras is 10ft from the router, so I know it's not connection issues.


Is there any way to improve this? It seems it should be able to connect in a matter of seconds.


I don't even want it to record. If someone rings the doorbell, i want to be able to see who it is in less than ten seconds, not 60 by the time the app loads, I have to get to the camera, select "Live" video which will take 30-40 seconds, and then finally, whew.


I would think too if you had motion detection on that the camera would already be on so it would have instantaneous view from the camera.


The best thing we as customers purchasing these cameras can do is warn others that it's not the product you think it is.  When sales crash maybe NETGEAR will say-- gee maybe we should have looked into these complaints about speed AND DONE SOMETHING!



With competition what it is, you would think that Netgear would respond and try to do something about this lag.  It happens on the old router, new pro router, wire free original cams as well as the arlo pro 2's.  The problem is most likely overwhelmed servers at Netgear (just guessing) because I have two installations in two seperate homes, with 3 bars on my cameras and they all have this same long lag.


Netgear, are you listening?  Your customers are speaking.