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Re: Arlo App - Multiple Base Stations

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NorthenSky Tutor
You don't need a 2nd account. Just add the base station like you did for the first one. Add device from the arlo app.
mswensn Aspirant

Currently, I have two separate Arlo Camera Systems setup. One at work and one at home. Is there a simple way to monitor both without having to long in and out of each account? Please provide setup instructions if possible.

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Guru jguerdat Guru

Use Settings, Grant Access in one account to send an invitation to the other.  When the instructions are completed, you can log into the appropriate account and see and manipulate (if you selected the addititional privileges) all cameras from both systems.  I believe there is an FAQ for this here.


So, I just purchased another 3 camera system to use at my other home, and there's no way to use both on a single account, except addtional fees, or the sharing solution?


Netgear.... really?  Are you trying to discourage your customers from purchasing more of your products?  Or just so focused on addtional revenue from premium accounts? 





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Flashzoom Tutor

I actually found a solution for this, without paying $150 a year. 


Here is what I have, I have


Arlo Pro system one, with 4 cameras.

Arlo Pro system two, with 2 cameras.  

Both are located in 2 different houses.


I have have created 2 free accounts, to control each of the system.


then on the 2nd account, I go under setting, and grant access.

I grand access to my 1st account, and trun on "allow access rights"


once you are done, check your 1st account's e-mail, click on the link, to add the access to your 1st account.

then log into your 1st account, you will see both system 1 and 2 are in the 1st account. You can see total all 6 cameras, and under 2 systems.

Under the Mode tab, you have control over both system, you can arm and disarm each system seprately. 


all done!!! no need to pay for extra money to have multiple systems under one account.


good luck and have fun. 🙂



Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
Guru jguerdat Guru

Perfect!  Exactly what we've been recommending all along for those who don't want to upgrade their subscriptions.

Mulan_Warrior77 Aspirant
Thank you, this information is very useful and exactly what I am looking for.
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Guernsey Aspirant

I have 2 accounts and I have just upgraded $99 a year for 10 camera's and I would like to view my home and business camera's in one account.How do I do this please?

Martinez714 Aspirant
I just setup a second Arlo Device at our beach house and it saying I need to upgrade my plan because I've exceeded the 5 camera free limit and need to upgrade my plan? Is there a way around this? How do I upgrade my plan and what does it cost?
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