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Customer service representatives that respond

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I think a way of improving your product would be to provide a better customer service experience. The phone service is next to useless with an endless call queue that never progresses. The online chat never connects. Your site recommends to post on this forum but responses from customer service reps is very hit and miss. All in all it's terrible customer service and frankly Netgear should be embarrassed. It's terrible PR. When I got the system I should have done more research online and read some of the posts on here. Would definately have bought an alternative solution.

Fix your customer service please.

This forum just truncated and cut off several paragraphs of my reply, too.

That's another issue you need to fix.

The Wraith

Registration process is also broken on the website.  During product setup and account registration, it does not indicate password requirements, nor does the weak english speaking foreign representative even suggest to me, other than try multiple browsers/devices to reset my password.  When trying to reset, it keeps blocking me to an Arlo "Page Error..." message of the server being down, when all it was was my password needing the underscore key ("_") removed, and the representative on the phone was clueless, wasting valuable time that could be spent setting up and installing the camera.  They obviously us scripted instructions to do any "service", without any proper technical IT training.