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Dear Arlo,
We had a horrible experience with your on-line Arlo last. night. My wife tried to connect on her android phone and was told that her password was incorrect. She was looking at the password in her book, so she tried several times to enter it, but it still said the password was incorrect, so she tried to change it. She was directed to your site and told what to do. The second she tried to enter a new password, the screen switched to a picture of the four cameras located outside the house. Pressing the back button, she tried again to change the password but every time the cursor touched the screen, the image went back to the four cameras outside our house. So she turned off the four cameras and was finally able to put in a new password,and  confirm it was the same, but when she went to confirm it by pressing the the green submit button, that button went black and nothing happened. After this was repeated several times, to no avail, and after an hour working with this she gave up. After about ten minutes and after not confirming the new password., she went back to her phone and entered the new password and she was able to access the camera feed. By the way, the camera pointed at the driveway still does not work. It shows a static image but not one in real time. My husband is ready to take all this back where we bought it and get our money back since you still have not responded to our initial problem. We really do not know what was going on with your website last night, but this whole Arlo experience has been very frustrating. Between the one camera which does not work, and the internet site which will not accept a password change properly, we are ready to return the equipment and hope for a refund. We are also ready to shout from the rooftops NOT to buy ARLO because the customer service STINKS. We wasted two hours on the phone with a technician from Mumbai, who finally said he would "kick" our case up to a new level. This was two days ago. We got an automated answer with a case number also two days ago. An automated answer after I contacted you yesterday via email. Then nothing. Good luck staying in business.
Arlo Employee Retired

Hi @siess,


We appreciate your honest feedback regarding our support team. I have sent you a private message (PM) to gather more information from you.


On January 9, 2019, I suddenly could not log into the Arlo website.  Then I went on to the Arlo Community site trying to log in; the system prompted a message saying that the website has an issue and is working on it.  Two days later, I still couldn't login, so I searched Arlo Tech Support online and paid $149.99 to have the pc fixed and got it to work.  In retrospect, I believe my email addres, which is the logon ID, was blocked on Arlo's website and there wasn't an system issue.  I feel sad that Arlo has such great products and I am a loyal customer for over two years would run into such a problem.  If this was done by an insider within Arlo, this practice would eventually catch on and renders a bad reputation to the company.