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This Community gives the impression that Arlo products and services are fundamentally poor. I don't think this is right. I have had problems getting my system to work correctly for over a year but my system is now fully working. It turns out that none of the issues were actually Arlo product 'faults'. So, what went wrong and why did it take me so long?


Basically, I made a mess of my system. Arlo's reputation is being seriously damaged by reliance on the Community and a lack of structured comprehensive set-up and support information. It's difficult to find specific answers on configuration and the main cause of many issues for me and others has been conflicting or inaccurate advice given here.


With hindsight, I can now see that some of the long-standing 'experts' are often completely wrong or give unclear advice. This confuses readers who are often quite experienced in technology. People end up trying fix upon fix, then get in a mess, when it's often just one small change that is needed. The expert rankings need to be reviewed and incorrect advice taken down.


I have other manufacturers' products and they weren't trouble free. This type of kit is complex and needs correct step-by-step configuration. I appreciate that some individual units will be faulty but suspect that most are fine. Arlo , please can you review your advice arrangements and the role of this Community.

Arlo Employee Retired

Hi HanserT,


We appreciate your feedback. The suggestions made here are noted and will be passed along to the team.


I'm another one - I cannot get my base station to recognize my cameras or vice versa. I've read and followed all the articles - re-booted, re-started, unplugged and did it all again.

The "chat with an expert" bot isn't working - nothing ever comes up to enter a chat.

The phone line isn't working - It still hasn't "called me back" - two requests over the past week!
I am currently on my SECOND HOUR of perma-hold just to see if someone actually picks up the phone.

You are taking a monthly fee out of my account for NO SERVICE!


Been trying to login to shopping page for the past several days and had no luck. Even after I reset the password, I get the same result. It does its thing but it continues to stay on the login screen. Had to checkout as a guest just to complete a purchase. Maybe it's a warning to prospective buyers not to purchase any Arlo products/services. 🙂


I have been having a very bad experience with one of Arlo cameras that came in a package, and its clearly a manufacturing defect. I'm using all 3 camera's in a same indoor setting and one camera suddenly stopped syncing with the base. After many calls with customer support, online research and call with Costco concierge service, I could not find a simple clue why this is happening to just one camera. I'm also out of luck with the warranty. All these calls and research clearly indicates that Arlo products come in a package has one or more defective pieces, and it is very common with camera packages.