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I just bought the base and 2 cameras, vmb3000 system I think.
I am using both cameras outdoors. The sensativity is set to max, but I had my friend
drive my truck down my drive way, and both cameras did NOT pickup the motion.

Can future new firmware upgrades change the motion detection range to at least 30 or 40 feet?
I want to know so I know wheter I need to return them or not?

An outdoor camera is useless if it doesn't detect at least 30 feet or more.

Master Master

Trucks are normally picked up from a long way away due to their large thermal mass.


Is the sensitivity set to max in the mode you want to record in? Not just in test mode?


The other thing is that any PIR sensor works best when the motion is across the field of view. Movement in a straight line towards the camera is more difficult for it to pick up.


In my driveway, I have two cameras at 90 degress to each other. In my recording mode, I have not only each camera set to record when they detect motion but they also trigger each other to record as well



Yes, sensitivity is set to max in the live settings.

Here's where i went to do it;

mode -> my arlo device -> armed -> edit on one of my cameras -> then on the green arrow next to "motion is detected" and it's at 100%

Yes, the camera is positioned on my house, about 12 feet high and the driveway flows accross the screen view.  The driveway is about 12 to 20 feet away.


I used to have a dlink camera that worked great, it picked up objects about 50 feet away, but with the newest firmware, it reversed the images, and even when i used the older firmware, it's still doing the same thing, so it's garbage.


The dlink even had a really neat feature where you can set the camera to record up to 7 seconds before and after the motion is sensed, which was sweet, as with that option, it detected the object as it as driving up my driveway, and that's what I need to see.


Currently, it starts recording the video right when it senses ab object, and it's to late, I can see much in the video. It really needs to have the feature to record a few seconds before the motion is detected.


unless this can be done, I have no choice but to return them. 

Besides that, I love the fact that they are easy to setup and configure, and even adjust the settings, but that's the problem, they don't offer the user to many settings, it's to over simplified.


You have pointed out the core issues the Arlo Wire-free cameras are riddled with.


Going back in time to show foootage a few seconds before a motion event is impossible for the Arlo Wire-free system, because it can't record continuously or the batteries would die in a few hours.


If a firmware update to improve detection range was possible Netgear would have already released it in the two years the system has been on the market now.


I suggest you return the camera system, as it clearly does not fit your requirements. It won't make you happy.