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my battery usage

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I know people keep wondering how the batteries should hold out so, now that my usage has settled down I thought I'd share my usage, and maybe others could add theirs to give people wondering an idea. All 4 of my cameras are outside with temps often going down to -10 to -15 Celcius at night. One cam averages less than 1 vid capture a day so wont be included. My recording length is set for 120 sec and each cam gets checked with brief live view about 5x a day.

CAM 2 - has Tenergy Gold colored recharegeables: Average 15 captures a day/night and drops battery level an average of 2% per day night CAM 3- has Tenergy Gold colored recharegeables: Average 19 captures a day/night and drops battery level an average of 3% per day/night CAM 4 has original non-rechargeable Panasonics Average 23 captures a day/night and drops battery level an average of 5.5% per day/night Hopefully this is useful.


P.S.  I'd posted this erroneously as Arlo Go and couldn't find way of editing so reposting

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Usage as you know is the important factor as to battery life.... There are many charts/graphs, etc done on batteries if you go and review the older rechargeable threads....


Cliff notes are OEM can run a good time in spec or  with less than spec usage, rechargeables over time are better in heavy use but still run a max of about 60 days ( due only to capacity being less than 1/2 of OEM )



Here's a track of 4 li-ion cells, 500mahr capacity over time... (test ended when one cell dropped below set V and drop out was to be next day)

Spec use 4 mins per (** bump up was due to non usage and cells recouped a bit )

if you want to do the math for %, be my guest Smiley Happy

Later tests were more stable at end run as I started matching cells in the set of 4.

BTW, drop out occurs at about 2.75-2.8v





It's snowing here... a good day to read one of the threads, 30 pages and charts contained in early test... rememeber at start, battery gauge was not optimized to the 3.7v li-ion cells till late 2015 (IIRR)


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