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multiple concerns

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r2c2youthleader Aspirant

Just installed our cameras for our church and thought everything was ready. However, now I've tried to look at them from home and on 2 seperate occasions have found the base station disconnected from the internet. Now I'm at church trouble shooting and our internet is working fine. I'm using it to send this message in fact.


The lights on the base station are as follows: power green, internet green, camera green, and house and usb are off


In addition to this I have the All Motion On Miode activated but have had people walk through the building on multiple occasions with no email notifications or new recordings in the library. I suppose it is possible that the base station was disconnected when people were walking through, at least I hope that's the only issue.


I was hoping to contact arlo via phone to resolve more quickly but can't find a phone number.

TheRealDeal Tutor
Let us know what arlo tells you. Many of us are experiencing intermittent or offline connectivity issues. I hope they fix it soon. It really is a good system when it works.
r2c2youthleader Aspirant

Update: I found one thread that suggested deactivating the base station and adding it back again. I tried that and it did not work either, just forced me retrieve, sync, and replace the cameras

r2c2youthleader Aspirant

Well I called netgear and they connected me to arlo and I gave up after being on hold for 20minutes, I logged out and logged back in and now its saying the base station is connected. This makes me pretty certain that the base station is the issue and given the number of threads I've seen to treat the symptoms and not the problem itself I guessing its one they know about and can't or won't fix. I will probably be returning this system.