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Base Station indicats On-Line but receive Off-Line message

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JohnH Follower

Using laptop, home network WiFi and IE11, most of the time (+90%) after login I receieve a Base Station Off-Line message and no camera images - ocassionally, I do get camera images.  Base Station indicates On-Line - all three lights green.  No problems when connecting with iPad App.  Help is appreciated.

laurenc Luminary

Hi JohnH,


Thank you for posting your Base Station Offline issue. I am curious to know if this same issue occurs when using a different browser such as Google Chrome? This would help us determine if the issue is browser specific or not.


Can you also confirm if your laptop and iPad are on the same WiFi  home network when you attempt to login to your Arlo account? Or is your iPad connected to a cellular data plan and not connected to your home network?


I look forward to your next update.


Thank you for posting in the Arlo Community!



Arlo Team

Slyadept Aspirant

I have the same issue.  100% of the time my android phone will connect to the cameras with the arlo app (never has reported arlo base station is not available) but using a computer only about 10% of the time will it show the cameras as available.  The other 90% of the time it says the arlo basestation is off-line.  It doesn't matter if Chrome or IE 11. My laptop is using a wired connection and all local network resources are available (i.e. ReadyNAS always works) and obviously internet is working since I can login to arlo (and all other sites works).  I can't imagine it is related to laptop being wired - Arlo base station connects to router then to Internet and finally to arlo server and alro base station never indicates it isn't connected - motion triggered videos are recorded to arlo server and immediately after laptop says base station is offline I can open arlo on my android and everything is fine.  I know my laptop can connect to the arlo server because when I log in with the laptop web browser while the android app open on my phone it will then log me out of the android app since I logged in on another device.

cmalexander Aspirant

I am have the same trouble. Works on my iphone but not my laptop. Same internet connection but wifi. I have 3 green lights.

BrianL Master

Hi cmalexander,


It appears that all your cameras are outdated. Kindly upgrade their Firmware to 1.2.2688 and see if you will still encounter offline issues on the Arlo web based login page.


To upgrade the camera firmware, open the battery door on the bottom of the camera and then close it. The camera powers up and then searches for the latest firmware update. 


Note: Ensure that Auto-update feature of Base Station is enabled. The base station will update itself or find updates between 3am and 5am.



Kind regards,


Arlo Team

stewpart Aspirant

I am having the same problem, I just purchased my setup on Saturday 8/1/2015. Ipad is fine but on laptop using Google Chrome from work it says "Your base station is not connected to the internet". 

StuBee Luminary

Have you tried something other than Chrome?


Chrome is my main browser...but more often than not Arlo cameras never come back from getting status...   If I use something else (like MS Edge) it does come back.    Chrome made some flash changes a few weeks back...whatever the deal...Arlo needs to fix compatibility with browsers.


(ps.  I tried clearing cookies..didn't work this time)