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What has happened in the last 7-8 days???

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WilsonFlyer Star

I rely on my system to PROTECT MY PROPERTY. This is not a toy to me.


I can't login with my browser. I can't login with my iPad or iPhone. I Can't even get in at all today. Tells me my internet is down. LOL. 50mx50m symetrical would be the answer to that question. For that matter, it does the same thing on AT&T cell data. I guess the servers are down.


When it does work, my cameras on one base will tell me they're offline. The other base station will be fine. All of a sudden a camera that's been fine distance-wise suddenly can't be seen by its base about 50% of the time and it's been fine for 6 months (yes, it has new/good batteries that it didn't need).


Constantly getting varying messages saying that my base station is offline (I Forget the exact verbiage).


What the hell is going on? This is BS. I never had a burp basically until I added my second base station last Sunday and now everything has gone to hell, but from reading other theads, I think that's a coincidence.


I had to PAY to add my second base so my expectations have been raised a little. I tolerate a lot  when the service is "included in the price" like it was with base station 1 but when I have to pay, I get to raise my expectation level. This is unacceptable. Period.


I keep hearing talk about people being tired of being beta testers. I've been a beta tester of products for 30 years in this industry. I didn't sign up for this one and I Don't expect to be one unless I do. I know it's in jest but this is not joke to me. Can you say, "Liability?"


"Well, Mr. Insurance Underwriter, I have cameras, but you'll need to talk to Netgear to get the footage or to find out why they weren't working. Here. Let me give you the number."


This has been going on for over a week. Somebody at Netgear better get in gear or I'm going to find an attorney and define a class. 


TheRealDeal Tutor

I'm glad its not just me having the issues. My cameras too have not had any connectivity issues since I purchase them but about 7 to 8 days ago, both cameras started going offline. One of the cameras is 1ft away from the base station! I use this for testing when the arlo systems starts acting up. I've opened a ticket with Arlo support and got the response that is must be interferance so I purposed that I shut off the wifi access point I have in the same room as the base station. Lets see if the camera's continue to go offline. My microwave and wireless phone are on the other side of the house far far away from the base station so they will not the source of the issue.


I'm curious to see what your firmware version is on your base station. Mine got updated recently and is at version 1.4.2695. My previous version where I had problems with motion but no recording but connectivity was fine was 1.4.2627.


The two cameras were also updated recently and are at version 1.2.2688. I used to be on version 1.2.2545. The camera 1ft away from the base station shows 4 bars and the camera at the front door shows 3 bars. Again, no connectivity issues until 7-8 days ago. When I reboot the base station, the cameras connect again.


I encourage you to open a ticket with Netgear Arlo. If more of use report this issue, then it will give Netgear more clues as to what is causing the issue. I noticed that the third LED from the left is not lit when it loses connection.

jogeau Aspirant

hello, my firmware is 1.4.2695 - do not know for the cameras:

The issue are for sure not interferences or too long distances in this case.


I find this experience extremely frustrating


best regards



shopkins1994 Tutor

Some of my cameras have stopped responding. I have to click PLAY over and over and over again until it works. Nothing has changed in my system as it's been running for the last 6 months or so (no network changes either).


I have 15 cameras. running whatever the most current version is.



JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager

You may have seen my response in another thread but wanted to make sure you all were aware.


I apologize for any frustrations this may have caused.  We are currently investigating an issue that might result in a small number of our customers experiencing delayed motion recordings or streaming connection issues during peak hours. The Arlo team is working diligently toward a solution. We appreciate your patience in this process and will provide an update as soon as possible!




WilsonFlyer Star

FINALLY the voice of reason and at least an admittance that the problem may not be with our networks/gear after all. Thank you James!