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Still having red tint issues. Contacted support but never heard back.

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Sa.e issues that I've had since 2018 ... same red tint in two cameras and I've tried everything. Contacted support and never heard back. Love my Arlo setup, but this issue shouldn't exist, for the price of these cameras.

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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ANyone with any issue should try to get support right away since the warranty period is fixed. Too many people let it go for too long, the warranty expires and yer stuck. Since you say you contacted support but didn't get an answer, pestering them over and over, while a pain, would have corrected the issue with a new camera. Now you have one that's out of warranty and no replacement is possible. All you can do is the typical open and close the battery door to see if the IR filter will get unstuck. If you want, try light to moderate tapping of the camera to see if the filter will eventually move. One person claimed he used a magnet to get it unstuck.