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Re: Schedule not working with Geofecning

Same issue here and I actually noticed it awhile ago. Kind of surprised it hasn’t been adresssd. I would imagine many who use geofencing also have a schedule set for night time to have it armed. Mine is not abiding by this schedule which means it’s not properly armed at night. Really hoping this is fixed soon. Also looking forward to HomeKit support which could give us an even better option.
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Re: Schedule not working with Geofecning

Interesting you just responded because I read somewhere today that instead of having the schedule start at 0000, have it start at 0001. I changed it today and just double checked (it’s 0010 and it finally says armed!) So now I currently have it armed from 2300-2359 and then 0001-0659. I guess I’m just going to ignore that one minute?! That’s the first thing I have tried that seems to have worked.
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Geofencing Android

I cant find an open thread on geofencing, so starting a new one. Geofencing doesnt work for me on Android. It just sets the system to disarmed, whether I'm home or away. I verified that it does know if I'm home or not. I'm using Arlo v 2.7.4_25567 and Android 9 on a Samsung S9+. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Geofencing Android

Hi @Rellis


Have you made sure your base station is up to date on the latest firmware? I have attached the firmware notes here - Firmware Release Notes


Also, can you update to the latest Arlo Mobile App 2.7.6 & test again.

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Re: Geofencing Android

Both the case station are at the latest versions. This used to work for me, and I'm not sure when it stopped working.
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Re: Geofencing Android

Sorry for the typos - both the base station and the android app are up to dare.
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Re: Geofencing Android

Due to the amount of issues described I have opened a case for you. I will contact you via private message with further information.

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Re: Geofencing Android

Thanks very much for escalating this but it is crazy it would take 10 months from the first report that Geofencing was NOT working to finally do this. And why isn't the VMB4000 model listed to be selected? I would have selected a model but none available match any of the devices on my system.


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Re: Geofencing Android

Why don't you go ahead and escalate mine, too. I've been following this thread forever and the crap still doesn't work. It's the legit main reason I bought this system.
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Geofencing doing opposite of what it’s supposed to.

My geofencing mode disarms when I leave and arms when I get home. I have the settings correct and the location service set to “always on” in my iPhone.
Has anyone experienced this?
I even set the geofencing settings backwards, armed when home and disarmed when away, and it still won’t work.
Very frustrating!
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Re: Geofencing Android

Geofencing is not recording motion. It alerts me when I leave and goes into away mode (armed) and alerts me when home (disarm) so recognises the geofence zone but no recordings. All cameras operational on normal armed.
Please open a ticket and escalate for me
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Re: Geofencing Android

Hi @Jensplodgy


What troubleshooting steps have you previously performed? I do not want to suggest anything you may have previously performed.

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Re: Geofencing Android

I am not sure what troubleshooting you are expecting.  I have enabled Geofencing, my GPS on Android is operating.  The system notifies me that I have left Geofence zone and when I arrive back in Geofence zone.  So all seems to be operating normally except that the cameras did not provide any motion detection - even though there were several deliveries to my house at this time.


I may be a little naive, but I am expecting Geofence to just operate?  However, I am happy to run through any steps you feel I should undertake.  


In the meantime, when I want the system to operate i.e. when I leave the property or overnight I am using manual modes to ensure all is set.

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Re: Geofencing Android



You can try to reboot the base station & test again for positive results. If motion is still not being recorded by events, you can reboot the cameras by opening close ing the battery door. If this does not help, you can remove the cameras from Settings > My Devices > Re-Add them.

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Schedules definitely toast, but count all these problems

So for a few weeks now (since the base station firmware update for sure) schedules don't work when switching modes- or geofencing for that matter.


Modes don't switch when you enter or leave geofencing zones, I know that. But the "fix" was to manually set a different mode, then set it to geofencing again. Except that didn't work for a schedule.


We have 2 base stations at two homes. On our residence the schedule turns all cameras on at midnight when we are in zone, and at 8 am the inside ones are disarmed. The only way to actually have that happen is to set the mode to Schedule. If it is in Geofencing mode AND it recognizes we are in zone it disarms all.


I have deleted my schedule and rebuilt it (on a browser, not with the app). No change.


I am currently sitting in our residence. The app is showing that both my wife and I are in zone. Instead of being in the "Home, daytime schedule" the system is disarmed. Our vacation home is set to geofencing, the app shows we are both out of zone (because we're not there) but the mode is currently disarmed. I just changed modes to Armed. Looked at Devices, cameras are armed. Set it back to Geofencing, got an alert saying "Arlo Geofencing at XXXX is now Away mode". Terrific, except when I look at the actual mode displayed it is Disarmed and the Devices are showing as disarmed. Well, the ones that are working, one camera is showing as offline on the app, but if I look using a browser it is connected no problem.


So how many broken things are detailed in this post? I can't even count them all...

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