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Running two cameras, I use 7 MB/s. Theres two USB ports on the back of this base station but I'm still FORCED to use their cloud storage? Theres no way to automatically download to my computer? I want to record my property over night, so if someone happens to steal my things more than 4 hours ago, "OH WELL, SHOULD HAVE PAID $150 MORE DOLLARS!" Who says I want my videos on your servers anyway? I'm done ranting, arlo needs to get it together and stop scamming. 

Guru TomMac Guru

Sorry, but I don't understand your question... ??


yes there are USB ports on the base, but they ( to my knowledge ) are planned for future use and not for direct download of video. That may change, but you have to ask Netgear.


As to recording overnight, you just set the cameras for motion and they will capture it if if does occur.... the videos ( in free level ) will be acessable for 7 days after the event. That along with the 1gb of free storage is a lot of video.


The videos can be downloaded at any time you choose within the time frame... automatic, no... but it takes about 4 mouse clicks.


ranting yes, it's your right... Arlo scamming don't think so. 


If you don't understand something, ask a question and many here will try to help.

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Don_U Star

Thinking from the perspective of the aftermath of a break in, having video stored offsite makes sense. From any computer, tablet, or smartphone you CAN access all the footage, download, and then share the evidence with law enforcement. Otherwise a criminal would literally take the footage of their crime along with all the electronics and other valuables in the home.


The simple truth is, if you are wanting continual streaming video and continual recording then a wire-free system is probably not for you. Continual streaming with Arlo would easily chew through batteries in a single day.


There are other faults to the Arlo system. For example, this system will only catch stupid criminals. If your internet is disabled... well... no recording.


So why did I select Arlo? The price point was right, and I can accept the limitations of a wire-free system.

pandkwest Initiate

I found that Arlo delets all videos on the cloud after a week on the basic plan so if you want to save them to your PC download the app to your mobile, from there you can download them all to your phone and then from there just send them to your PC via a bluetooth device attached to your PC. Then I just drag and dropped them onto a disc and burnt the copies... Worked for me...

Guru TomMac Guru

Wouldn't it be easier to just sign in the the PC site via browser and direct d/l into the computer?


And yes, the basic plan only stores for 7 days before deleted... but then they stay in your recycle bin ( where you can get them back to d/l ) for at least a week extra ( usu more like 2 ). You want longer storage it's in a non-free plan.

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Guru jguerdat Guru

I'm using a user-supplied Python script which I set up using a schedule to automatically download any videos to Dropbox for storage. It requires installing Python (a free software download) as well as an extra package but it was pretty simple and works like greased owl snot...  😉

ScottR83 Aspirant

Hi, could you provide more details how you set up the script? Thank you

Guru jguerdat Guru

PM me your email address and I'll send you the scripts along with basic instructions.