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Re: Pro Ultra Questions

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PhylumT Apprentice
I saw an add to pre order the Ultra Pro from Best Buy, but I have some questions.

1) I have metal mounts my current Arlo HD are screwed into, I prefer these highly... does the Ultra feature the same way to attach a camera as the HD does?

2) can I use HD cameras with the Ultra?

3) need a solution to boost some signal from base station, is there one and will it work with Ultra?
Guru jguerdat Guru

We need to wait for the actual release. Otherwise we're all guessing.

Cbloyer81 Aspirant

I'm also wondering if the base station will run arlo pro 2s, or if I can use my arlo pro 2 base station with the 4k units?

Guru jguerdat Guru

The Ultra isn't out so we can't answer.

Drache22 Aspirant

I agree that we will have to wait until the actual release for more of the details, but as usual for near term releases, Arlo has already documented the specs for internal use ( including compatibility). As typical for a pre-release cycle, it varies what information companies publish in advance of product availability (I suspect marketing has a strong influence on this).


I searched for an FAQ on Arlo's website for the Ultra, but it didn't immediately pop out. So it's sad that there are 5 Q&As on Amazon for the Ultra (via the buy options link in the Arlo web page for the Ultra), which includes one of the items I wanted to know (compatibility with existing base stations). Sigh, but then again, haven't we all been excited by product feature announcements, and become disappointed that one or more didn't make the cut for the first release (or any release)?