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Potential Solution/Solved - Arlo won't connect to the internet

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A solution to get Arlo back on internet.

I had a new router and the Arlosystem didn't connect to internet after I changed router.

I had deleted everything in the app on the phone and I used reset on Arlo basestation.

Still only the powerlight was green.

The internet didn't work.


TP-link Deco M9 system (which is my home Mesh-system) has one mainrouter and then two other decos that work as extenders.

Make really sure your phone is connected to the same wifi-cell as Arlo that means: Shut down all other extenders and keep the one that works as main router online.

Now your phone will use the same as Arlo that was my case. When I did this my Arloapp found the basestation and my configurartion could begin.

Make sure though that 1. Have the router up and running. 2. Connect the Ethernetcable to both router and Arlobasestation. 3. Then start Arlobasestation. If you think you made that make sure you did it in that way. 1 to 3!



So be sure your phone is connected to the same cell on your wifi-network when configuration begins!


Hope this helps someone out there!

Take care!



Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station