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No local storage

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No local storage
No custom save specific file to folder
Auto copy recording to backup drive and cloud by choice.

The stupid thing is the option for local storage. Please fix this or my arlo system goes in the trashcan. I have a mobile dataplan at home.

I have a blue iris and iSpy system at my workshop that has 2 2tb drives where continually save 2 months and a 256gb ssd that save video when motion, faces and licensplates is detected. It's a 15 camera system POE for the important locations and wifi elsewhere. That is if signal jammer is used it only effects the wifi cameras. Backup power on POE and main camera server, auto cloud upload copy on the SSD (important drive) to onedrive. I have 2tb cloud storage.
Total cost about 700usd.
If someone cut the power, signal lost to wificamera, or motion detected at specific camera - recording for 4 hour and notify me by sms that the power/signal is lost. Also the 2 2tb drives records constant and if power is lost thay move to the ssd 2 hour prior to motion detected. ( 2 hour prior to + motion part and as long the SSD has space left and psu can supply power or manual stop) if the network still has power and network is good, ut uploads stillshots fast incase someone finds my system.
Failsafe system without any probles for 2 years. ISP by wire and server installed in the roof 4meter up from the floor. Watching over lan to my work PC or phone.

At home with ISP over mobile dataplan it kills my included DATA. Backup power has no use if the antenna is cut or signal jammer is used. So along way to go for Arlo to be a secure system. Of you have questions just ask 😁
Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station