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Re: No Library Recordings (Empty) - Devices Status OK

Road12 Aspirant

I already tried clearing all cookies and site data from chrome that belongs to Arlo and it did nothing.

I've reset the base station......nothing

Cleared data on my cell phone............nothing.

Installed an older Arlo APK app...............nothing. 


It seems Arlo somehow screwed my Arlo Smart account  subscription back

to the free 7 days cloud storage and their support can't seem to tell me why.

My account profile still shows I'm subscribed to Arlo Smart, they are still taking

payment from my bank account, but I'm not getting my 30 day cloud storage.

Past 23 days missing.  

t0mmie Aspirant

It's in the web portal for me, but seems to also affect the mobile app.  Guessing something is going awry when the login checks for what subscription we have and likely persists until we can get it to requery.



@ShayneS wrote:

Hi @KBrooks


Is this occurring on the Web Portal or the Arlo Mobile App?


Johnny290 Prodigy
After the app was updated to the latest version now my library is missing. Anybody else having this problem
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meizydavid Apprentice

this problem has been posted on this board a few times.

it is do to the bad app update on friday 2.7.1


you need to call support takes about 15 minutes and open a case#

they wont fix it unless we all open a case

they will tell you delete the app and reinstall it. that does not work !

 besure to get a case#

1-408-638-3750 usa

Johnny290 Prodigy
Thanks looks like they broke it again
Felix4 Initiate

same, cleared browser/history and recovered library, thx.

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VoodooHelo1 Star

This happened to me also. I found that if I logged out from the app then signed back in fixed the issue and it hasn't happened again since.

Johnny290 Prodigy
Thanks I'll tell my friend to try that out
DRA_PA Apprentice
Seems to be working now. I’m guessing Arlo has applied a fix.
MartinSwede Apprentice
Hi. Have the same problem and heard not the only one. Same issue with Iphone and Samsung. If you log out and log in from the app it works for a while but problem coming back. Hope for a new update soon.
JoeCymru Virtuoso

Just about every update (Android) I am getting Access Token Expired. This one no exception. Need to log in with full inputted password. Then all goes back to normal.

JPC Prodigy

On my iOS App, Closing and logging in again brings it back but sometimes I have to do it a few times.. I get this glitch a lot when using the 2.7.1 version but on my other device that has 2.5.5 version not so much.. 

Thompsonharvey Aspirant
No recordings under library
webnut02 Aspirant
I have the same problem. All of a sudden for the past two nights my entire video library disappeared. I can see it on my ipad though so it's an app issue. It can be resolved by deleting and reinstalling the app. But the same thing happens next day.
Come on arlo get your act together
wgoeden Aspirant

I am having same issue but only from a web browser, both Chrome and IE.  I am able to view my library from my android phone app so I know that the base station is capturing the videos.  Looks like browser updates have broken something with Arlo Webpage and how it is viewed.  Can someone from Arlo/Netgear respond to this?



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tmithc Aspirant

Can you please share what is the solution which has been suggested by the community? I am facing the same issue.

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Sbrunson55 Aspirant
Same here. I called and spoke to a tech and he stated it would be a $99.00 fee. Mines was working fine until 4 days ago. Have any resolution been found?
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Sbrunson55 Aspirant
Seem here . No recordings or to the library since April 30th. Five days ago. HELP. Called and got an arlo tech and the fee was $99.00 to resolve the issue. Has anyone gotten an answer to solve with out a fee?
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Guru jguerdat Guru

Why does everyone insist on Googling for support and not use the official support right here? Use the Contact Support link at the bottom here and again on the 2nd page. The 3rd page has contact info for chat and phone and doesn't cost a thing.