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My VMB4000 Base Station Isn't Communicating With The Arlo Server

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Browntree Tutor

A few days ago, the power went out in the neighborhood.  The power was down for about an hour.  Once it came back on, all the cameras and base station came back online.  However when I tried to log into the app on my phone and view the cameras, I got the message that my Arlo device appears to be offline and the Base Station is offline.  It's been that way for the past three days.  I know the cameras are working -and- communicating with the Base Station because (1) all the lights on the base station are green (2) internet light is blinking periodically (3) I have a hard drive plugged into the base station and can see video footage recorded over the past few days.  After resetting the base station multiple times, checking my router and resetting that, the base station still will not communicate with the Arlo server.   

In summary, it seems like everything is functioning properly with the cameras, router, and communication with the base station.  However I can't log into the Arlo app and see any of the cameras or equipment information related to my system.  Does anyone have an idea why my base station isn't communicating with the Arlo Server? 

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Browntree Tutor

For whatever reason, I had to delete all my devices including the base station and add them again. Once I did, everything was back up and going.

Guru TomMac Guru

glitch introduced by the power failure.... a UPS would solve this

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