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Re: Arlo pro 2 App not working on IPad


Hi All

With your latest update for. The Arlo app for IOS i currently can not view any footage live ?


It show that the camera is live with the indicator on the top but the footage shown is not live .

The steps taken to fix the problem are below .


Uninstalled and reinstalled the app


signed in and signed out 


currently using a iPad Pro with no previous issues 


also bring back the battery indicator 


any help with this would be great 

FOUNTAIN1 Aspirant

I am having the same problem, and we are using an iPad Pro as well. Everything used to work until an update a few weeks ago. Ever since then the camera view will say live but it is only a frozen image. However, it will still record video and play just fine from the library.


Also, when in “Live” mode the sound is actually live, but not the video. Strange. I too have uninstalled and reinstalled the App and rebooted the camera multiple times. I have the older app version on my iPhone and it displays live video with no issues.



Model: VMC3040|Arlo-Q HD with Audio
JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager

The Arlo development team is working on a fix for this issue. Many users have reported having success when launching the app in portrait mode rather than landscape. If you're experiencing the issue, force close your Arlo Mobile App, rotate your iPad to portrait and then relaunch the app.


I will provide an update when I have more information on this issue.





trickytcamgeek Luminary

Having successfully restored version 2.5.5 of the app, I am now unaffected by all the problems of versions 2.6.0 and 2.6.1.


However I am looking with bemusement at the 10 hour video posted by ancientgeek which summarises the response customers feel they are getting.


I don’t know how big Arlo Technologies is, but I have a feeling that the split from Netgear left it rudderless.

vpasq Apprentice

How and where did you det version 2.5.5? I would love to revert, as my new 12.9 iPad Pro has me dead on video, and never had a problem with my prior 9.7” iPad Pro.  Almost returned this new iPad until I read these forum posts.

RockstarLd Initiate
It’s not just in iPad iOS app in a whole is broke can’t view anything on my iPhone please update us as to what’s being done. Can’t really secure my house without being able to see anything
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Tiko433 Tutor
After latest apple update. I’m having the same problem. Had this been fixed ?
Larkus86 Aspirant

My money is on the Flash Player. Even when I try and view on my pc I get a message about having to use a specific version of Flash. Flash is an Adobe product and Adobe and Apple are long time rivals. So I think with the advent of Nest brand Cameras (Google and Apple partnership), this issue isn’t going to be fixed any time soon. I recently got a free Nest camera through a special promo from Verizon when I bought a new iPhone and I have to say, I like it. No issues with that. Which is a shame as I’ve invested $1,000 in my arlo system....but if these issues are still issues (and it’s now March 2019), Arlo is no longer meeting my needs.