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Motion on camera A activates camera B

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Stevelenox Follower

Yesterday, I disarmed camera A due to constant motion notification because of high activity in that area. After the activity stopped I turned camera A back on after the activity ended.  After activating camera A, any motion detection in the camera A area would activate camera B to moniter motion in the B area, when in fact the motion ocurred in the camera A area. 


Also, the motion icon for camera B, indicates motion detection is off, after numerous attempts I cannot get the motion detection back on.  I have made several attempts to reset the setings for both cameras with no results of correcting the problem. 


I'm wondering if there might be a problem in the base station, or the signal between the base station and camera?


I might add the system has 5 cameras, and the other 3 have not been affected.


Hoping to seek out direction as to resolving the problem.

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
Guru TomMac Guru

Something got messed...But an easy fix for the troubled cameras.


Go to SETTINGS>pick camera, use REMOVE DEVICE... do this for your A and B cameras.

Bring the two cameras back as if they were new ( sync, remember a quick push on the base sync button only )


All should be fine after tho the camera settings will be at default and have to be re-set if you had changed them.

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