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Arlo as sleeping quality monitor

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MaciVE Aspirant

Hi all!

I'm thinking to buy an Arlo system

I would like to use Arlo (wire-free) for monitoring my night sleeping quality: the idea is to put Arlo camera on a shelf in my bedroom focused towards my bed and go to sleep. The day after I would like to watch the recording of the moments during the night in which I sleeped badly or agitated moving in my bed.

In your experience is it feasible?
Thanks a lot

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
Guru jguerdat Guru

The best Arlo camera for this would be the Q camera with the optional CVR.  This would allow you to review whatever timeframe you wish.  The other cameras would only work record when motion is detected which wouldn't give you what you need.  The Q won't record 24/7 but the CVR option is essentially the same thing.

MaciVE Aspirant

Thanks jguerdat for your answer!
So you think that Arlo (wire-free) will not be able to record just some footage during the night recording only some minutes in which I moved/shaked? This option would be significant for me anyway


Guru jguerdat Guru
Right. The wireless cameras can only detect motion and then record. That would likely only catch you turning over rather than when you stopped breathing, etc.