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Live Stream time out after 30 minutes

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Hi there


   I have just recently set up an Arlo Wire-free camera for my room, to start with we have only purchased only one camera, which we hope to get live streaming when needed so I can view it on a small screen at work.


  However, once I have set it up, when I open the browser and logged in and clicked to start the live view, it always seems to cut me off after 30 minutes.


  Is it the way the camera is programmed or set up? are there any ways to change it?


  We went for the Arlo Wirefree as sometimes we would hook it up in our back garden to watch our kids as well, as the Arlo Q doesn't appear to be waterproof.


  It's been very frustrating for me as a user because it keeps on timing out every 30 minutes and requires me to start the live stream session again, which is very very annoying.


  I think there is quite a few design flaws with this Arlo from my initial experience:


 1. Why not a rechargeable battery?  - Possibly make your customers buy another product of Arlo as a replacement battery pack?

 2. If the Auto-switch off after 30 minutes is feasible why not provide it as an option to the user? Despite the battery might be drained, but there's no reason why the camera can't be a bit larger to accomodate a larger battery.(batteries), if the user is not going to carry it around all the time.

 3. If a user research was carrried out properly then most users would have probably ticked the box 'Live Streaming'

 4. The interface of the Arlo when logged in via PC is not very user friendly, although simple, a lot of options are not very clearly laid out and the amount of control over the settings available for the user is very limited.


 That said, I still like the Arlo as it does what it says on the tin and its genuinely good quality product, but probably not the best in terms of user friendliness and operating and trouble shooting the product..

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
Community Manager
Community Manager



This is an intended feature due to the battery operated design of the Arlo Wire-free system. After 30 minutes the stream will automatically end to prevent accidentally leaving a live stream open and draining batteries.


We appreciate the feedback and I encourage you to post your ideas in the Arlo Idea Exchange where they will have better exposure to the Arlo development team and other community users can support them by adding Kudos.


Thank you for your contribution,



I have a 3 story condo and the front door is on the 1st floor.  So, I'm trying to use the arlo to see who's at the front door.  I only need to see who's at the front door while I'm at home, so I don't necessarily need continuous streaming, but I do need more than 30 minutes.  I understand the automatic 30 min live stream shut off is to reduce battery usage.  However, it would be nice to have the options to keep it on for longer increments such as 1hr, 2hr, 4hr...

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Q cameras give you this ability.