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The ful message is "Geofenceng needs an internet connection. Open the Arlo app when your connection becomes available."


I have used the Geofencing since I got the camera about 1.5 years ago and it's always worked flawlessly but lately I often get the message above on my phone when I am out.


Also lately I will arrive home and when I enter the house I the camera sees me and notifies me of motion and it will do this until I open the app.


I am not sure what has changed but I don't like it. It was perfect for me before.


I have the camera in my home office and no one should be in there while I am gone and it was perfect because if someone snuck into my office I would catch them in the act. It was pretty rare for it to happen so it was just working in the background and I never had to think of it.


But now almost every day I get this notice and then it catches me on camera while I am in my office and keeps sending notifications until I open the app.


Now, I understand the app needs to be running but it should be in the background it's just not in the foreground (that would make the rest of the phone useless.


Any ideas on why this is and what the cure might be?


iphone 7+ running latest iOS, Original model Arlo and original model base station.


P.S. just checked and "Allow background app Refresh" is turned on and is on for the Arlo app.

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I saw that a lot of you are having this problem. I wrote a simple app to solve this, see the link below. It is a FREE app! Currenty it is Android only. If there is demand (email me to let me know, my email is on the play store link) and I can release it on iOS. 


If this doesn't solve your problem, let me know and I'll fix it.

If it does solve your problem, share it with others, so they can also benefit.



P.S - I don't work for netgear. I just had the same problem, sovled it for myself and thought I would share with everyone else. 

If it works, maybe Netgear should hire you since they appear to be in need of good help😊👍