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Just checked batteries from 4 weeks ago and they are now at 25%.

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I also have the battery operated camera.  Also too high for me to climb a step ladder to reach so I have to wait until I have someone here to change batteries for me. I have gone through so many batteries in the year and a half since I bought it. I probably have spent as much or close to it in replacing batteries.  Just checked the ones put in 4 weeks ago and they are now at 25% which means very little life left in them.  This camera is a piece of junk.  I have one more set left of these batteries and then I just will not replace them again.

I have had numerous other problems with my camera which was replaced twice.  But problem just persists. It is supposed to record motion.  It doesn't.  It records occasionally but then it records when there is NO motion.  I have had people ask my about my wireless system and I tell them how bad it is and never to buy one like this.

I also asked at Best Buy about the batteries and they told me there was nothing special only either AA or AAA.

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It sounds like your cameras see higher usage than normal or there could be a signal issue causing increased battery drain. Take a look here for tips on increasing battery performance: How long do Arlo camera batteries last?