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I can't resync my camera's after they went offline

Hi, just right now all camera have lost contacted with the base station and show off line. When trying to sync up with the base station again ( even taking the batteries out ) I just get the orange leds and not the blue ones any more. any advise as I have tried everything

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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Re: not being able to sync camera's

Have you tried to remove the cameras from Settings > My devices > Re-add and test again.

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Re: not being able to sync camera's



I have tried whatever and nothing seems to work.

I have unplugged the bases station for 8 hours and removed all batteries from the camera's.

I go trough the procedure like I have done in the past but all 5 camera's start blinking orange during the search process ?

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Re: not being able to sync camera's

WHat are the LEDs on the base showing? If the Camera LED is solid amber, you have to claim the base first.

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