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I Cannot Sync Cameras

I have been using Arlo Cameras for around 9 monthes with no problems when all of a sudden, cameras started appearing as "Offline". There were five cameras connected to the base.


I have removed the batteries of the camera and reinstalled them but this did not fix the issues.


Consequntly, I de-attached all five cameras from teh base and tried to synch them again, but I could not synch a single camera. The application keeps searching and then times out. The Synch button on the base station blinks green while searching till it times out. At that time the camera is also blinking blue. But no luck in linking the camera with the base.


I then removed the base from the application and re-added it again; and tried to synch the cameras again, but with no luck again.


Then I hard resetted the base by holding the bottom on the base and added the base to the app, and then tried to synch the cameras, but all searches for the cameras timed-out.


Internet seems to be connected to the base as per the indication on the base. Cameras are having batteries obviously.


Can you please advice on what could be the problem.



Model: VMB3500 | Arlo Base Station, VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Cannot Synch Camera



Are all five cameras appearing offline? Did you remove them from settings > My Devices?

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Re: Cannot Synch Camera


I removed them, they r not appearing anymore. But cant add them back.
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Re: Cannot Synch Camera

Does the blue LED on the camera flash when you open & close the camera door? This would indicate the camera(s) have powered on. Have you made sure you are within 12" when pairing to the base station? you can also quickly press the base station sync button, then the camera button. No need to hold, just a firm press will do. 


Note: What color are the LEDs when performing any of the following steps?

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I Cannot Sync Cameras

Yeah, I ensured to follow the procedure carefully as described but with no success.


Light on the camera was flashign blue, and light on the base is flashing great on the Synch Status LED.


I tried to initiate Synch both from the phone app as well as by directly pressing on the button on the base for less than two seconds.


I am suspicious that it is the base as it cannot be all five cameras are faulty.

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Arlo Moderator

Re: Cannot Synch Camera

Thanks for the information, have you tried to contact customer support yet by chance? I will attach the link here for you


Arlo Tech Support

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