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Had Every Issue on this Forum

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I've had every issue posted on this forum!!! I've spent countless hours chatting with support and talking on the phone with support, all to no avail!! I've spent countless hours trying to figure this out and went through (3) sets of batteries in (5) cameras. When I first purchased and installed the system, it worked fine, I was over seas and could look at and stream all (5) camera's. The last update seemed to be the monkey wrench. Here's what I found after having base station offline, video smearing, sometimes only one camera online, sometimes two, very erratic and as I said, I've had every issue posted by other users.


It's all wifi related!!! Even though the camera farthest away is only 60 feet, the others all at around 35 feet or less and all showing 4 bars and 3 bars at the 60 footer, I had every issue posted. After getting a long ethernet cable and a long extension cord, I found that if I positioned the base station just right, while sticking my tongue out the left corner of my mouth and standing only on my right foot, while holding the base station at an approximate height of 8.5 feet pointing south by southwest, it would work perfectly and establish and maintain communication with all (5) of my cameras, until somebody farted in the next room and then it would all go to hail inna handbasket and I'd have to start all over again, finding just the right position for the base station. This was all a clue!!!


I ended up buying a netgear wifi range extender and getting the base station well away (in another room) from my cable modem/router and I haven't had an issue since. While I still have to position the base station, just so, it has been stable for (2) weeks. So either the base station is not powerful enough, or the cameras are not, as the wifi communication was always struggling to maintain communication and that's what shows up in connectivity, video smearing and really every one of mine and your issues. I have made netgear aware of this, and hopefully in the future, they will either figure out how to increase the range of the base station and camera's, or market the entire package with a range extender, of course that does none of us any good now does it!!!


I'll give your fix a try, actually had thought about doing it but didn't think it would do any good. I do have the box next to my router in my living room. I just wasn't sure what impact having the cameras hooked up to an extender would have on my network speed. 


Hey RegDawg


Have you tried the range extender yet? I'm on my 3rd week of no issues, since relocating my base station to another room, well away from my cable gateway/router, can you hear me knockin on wood???


I hope your system has settled out.