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Re: Friend can't connect

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Mjf911 Follower

i invited a friend to view but they can't get access. It says they have accepted but the app won't recognise them at their end?

Arlo Employee Retired

Good morning Mjf911,


Thank you for your post!

I would like to share this article with you: How do I add friends to my Arlo account?

Steps 9 and 10 must be done in order for your friend to gain access.


Please let me know if this helps.

I look forward to your response.




Arlo Team


Yoyo Tutor

Same problem here.

I followed step 9 and 10... My wife accepted the Invite but gets a screen to log in (e-mail, password). When she enters her e-mail and chooses a password, login does not work (wrong password and/or e-mail). When clicking on reset password, the system tells that the e-mail address is not used in any account.

Thanks for helping in this matter.

Nancy Aspirant
I keep re sending friend invites but the emails don't get sent
BrianL Master

Hi Nancy,


I have tested it on my secondary email address and it worked just fine. Check other email folders like Spam, Junk and etc.


Hope this helps!



Kind regards,



Arlo Team

Charlie101 Aspirant
I have the same problem. My husband has invited me as a friend & i can't log on. DOES IT ONLY ALLOW 1 EMAIL ADDRESS TO BE RECORDED? HELP PLEASE!!
JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



A single base station can only have one account assigned.  The cameras on that base station may be shared with other e-mail accounts as friends. It sounds like you are trying to login to your husbands base station account using your own e-mail address.  When your husband invites you as a friend run through the "create my own arlo account" option using your own e-mail address. Make sure after you have created your account it shows you as an "accepted" friend on your husbands account.  From there you will be able to view the cameras that he shared on your own Arlo account.  Please let me know if this helps!



Photobeard Initiate

i have the exact same problem. I used a secondary email account and all it does is take me to the App Store to download the app, which is already downloaded. I use the secondary email address to set up a friend account and get the password error. 


Something is amiss in the instructions or the email link sent to friends it seems.

Photobeard Initiate

Figured it out. Have to set up the account on a computer. Following the link on an iPhone or iPad opens Safari which just takes you to the App Store. Works OK from my PC.

Guru jguerdat Guru

You can set your mobile browser to use the desktop version of the site to get past this. The exact step may vary according to the browser.

Pat01 Aspirant
I sent an invite a friend to my wife she accepted and downloaded the app and login but only see the blank screen and inviting friends still shows Pending on my app. Please help.
KristynM Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator



When your wife accepted the invite, did she proceed on creating her Arlo account via the link that is included in the automated email? She would need to ensure that she signed up with the same email address that you invited her with.


Kindly verify that the email address that you invited is the same email address that she had signed up with. You could verify the email address that she signed up with by going to Settings > Account Settings > Personal Information on her device. 


I will be looking forward to your response.

Arlo Support Team
abnradio Aspirant

I am having the same problem. 

Invites send but stay pending.

trying to accept an invite just goes to the App Store, to reload the app again,even though it already exists.

I had this working flawlessly before the last app upgrade.


JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



Try accepting the invitation link on a PC. This will allow the redirect to take you to the Arlo web portal so you can log in to accept the invitation. Please let me know if you continue experiencing issues.



Vall Aspirant
I've added my friend, they got the email, they have an account made with Argo but when they log in it is empty and it connected to my cameras. In my account, it still says they are pending acceptance. I've resent the email and they've reclick the link. However we are not connecting and their arli account is empty and initiates for them to add a new system. How do we connect so my "friend" can view my cameras?
Vall Aspirant
Sorry ***it is not connected to my cameras
JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



Even if your friend already has an account the link provided in the e-mail invitation must be clicked to accept the invite. Your friend must then log in to their Arlo account from the page provided by the link. This will trigger the invite to go from "pending" to "accepted" and allow the friend access to shared cameras.



Makyaded Aspirant
My wife was able to create and view cameras from our PC, but once she tried logging in on the app it said wrong user and pw???
JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager


The same username and password can be used to log in from a PC or the mobile app. Be sure she is using the correct user name and password when attempting to log in to the mobile app.