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Fix the Arlo app when viewing library videos. Video plays in landscape mode when slightly tilted?

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Whenever viewing a video in the Arlo library on my phone, the video will play in landscape mode if my phone is tilted slightly. I have the Screen Rotation turned off on my phone so nothing should ever play in landscape mode. However, there is an error in code with the Arlo app because the app is overriding the fact that screen rotation is locked in portrait mode on my phone. Instead of the Arlo app automatically playing a video sideways if the phone is tilted, it Should be programmed with a button that changes the video to landscape mode if the user so chooses. That way the user is not forced to turn the phone back and forth to get the video to play normally. This is a big annoyance as I often check the library and sometimes do so when laying down or not exactly sitting upright. I dont want the Arlo app turning the video if i didn't ask it to and looking at my phone not completely upright is not asking the video to play sideways. That is why all other apps provide a button to turn videos sideways; because users dont want the app being intrusive and rotating things unwantedly. Please fix the app and stop the automatic rotation of videos and instead provide a button that gives the option to rotate videos. Currently, there is no setting in the app for this and there is no setting in the Arlo app settings in my phone to stop this. This is clearly a piece of code that is overriding the android phone settings and it should be fixed.

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this doesn't happen on my android S7... you don't mention what phone your using?

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