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Ok, I have been fighting this for 4 days now! Very little or no support! Ben told too slow of connection along with other runarounds but it worked before with the same speed?

I have tried different cables, different router, moved the base station to another room away from the router? performed the master re-set/sync procedure, tried just about everything, even dis-abled the mac addresses of everything else connected to my network and the Arlo base station will not connect to the internet! It has a green light like it is connected but it's not. it worked until a cold spell came thru now I have a 500 dollar piece of junk!  Performed the Speedtest and have a 1.01 upload speed and a 7.89 download speed. Now support stated I needed 1 or better so whats up?  I'm tired of this run around and I'm about ready to call the better business bureau, I'm sure I can talk to a live person there! .... I purchased this on 10/4/2015 so my 90 days of call support is running out, imagine that? ..... Not too happy right now!


No thanks to anyone in Support or response from Net gear!  On a whim I decide to create a NEW account?


I had to set up all the Camera's again and rename everything .... pain in the ass!


But it is working for now? ..... No change is speed! .... No change in Hardware .... Just a NEW account?


Thanks for the Help Arlo? ...... Thanks for the GREAT Support Netgear? ..... I won't be recommending either one anytime soon!