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Arlo is requiring cameras and base station to update. I have tried updating and it doesn’t seem to take. I deleted all cameras and hard reset the base station and it still doesn’t update. Any ideas? I’ve never had an issue with firmware updates.

We had the exact issue yesterday.  Today it is resolved.

I tried rebooting multiple times, ultimately I opened a chat with Support.  Not sure if it is what they did or not, because when the chat closed the issue was not resolved.'s what we did.

They had me factory reset the base station.  Hold a paper clip in the reset button on the back until all the LEDs flash amber, then turn solid amber, then go off and only power is amber.  At this point release the reset button. (this will factory reset the Base and you will have to add your cameras back in.  On my system, when I added them back, the cameras still had their names and all previous recordings were still available)

After it came back they had me add it back to the system, add one camera, but like i said issue was not resolved.

After we closed the chat, I removed the single camera I added, then clicked the update base button.  Firmware upgrade was successful.

I added all the cameras back one by one and everything is working as it was before.  I did have to tweak my record time settings and motion sensitivity again.


So try that and if it doesn't work open a chat here:


If they can't help you, ask for a replacemenet Base even if the warranty is expired.  I feel like if they force us to update and our cameras are not accessible when the system won't update, then they should replace the hardware.  

Different story if they just left our hardware alone and our system worked without updating.

Thanks! Didn’t work but will try the chat.
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When you reset, you should also remove all devices from Settings, My Devices. Maybe that would have sped things up.